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Pink Kwik Wax Car Polish

  • 5 Litres
  • The Chemical Store Advanced Pink Kwik Wax Car Polish is perfect for professional Car Valeting, because it leaves Cars with a Showroom shine which would exceed any customers expectations. A premium quality wax polish specially formulated for P.D.I Produces a deep, even lustre, even on dark problem colours. Removes any traces of factory soft wax which might be left after the dewaxing operation Developed for ease of use, quickly on- quickly off. Removes petrol, derv and exhaust stains from paintwork. Contains Silicone and Carnuba wax DIRECTIONS FOR USE OF ADVANCED PINK KWIK WAX POLISH Premium quality polish enriched with a blend of polymers and waxes, Including Carnuba. Specially formulated for P.D.I where a superb showroom finish is required. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Shake container before use. Vehicle should be clean and dry. Apply Polish with a soft lint free cloth polish off with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Always Replace Cap. STORAGE Do not store in temperature greater than 35 celcius or less than 0 celcius. Store away from foodstuffs. Do not transfer to another container. Marker