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Cleaning products


NameSizeTrade PriceRetail Price
Product imageBleach5 Litres£2.50£3.00
Product imageThick Bleach 5 Litres£3.00£3.60
Product imageHard Surface Cleaner5 Litres£3.00£3.60
Product imageLavengel Floor Gel5 Litres£6.00£7.20
Product imageHeavy Duty Degreaser5 Litres£6.00£7.20
Product imageGeneral Purpose Cleaner 5 Litres£5.00£6.00
Product imageKitchen Cleaner 5 Litres£4.50£5.40
Product imageBathroom Cleaner5 Litres£4.50£5.40
Product imageMould Remover5 Litres£6.00£7.20
Product imageLiquid Soap 5 Litres£5.00£6.00
Product imageBacterial Soap5 Litres£7.00£8.40
Product imageToilet Cleaner5 Litres£5.50£6.60
Product imageBlue Hand Towels Pack of 66 Pack £5.00£7.20
Product imagePink Sheen Interior Car Dressing5 Litres£10.00£12.00
Product imagePink Sheen Interior Car Dressing25 Litres£30.00£36.00
Product imageMulti-Purpose Cleaner 5 Litres£8.00£12.00
Product imageMulti-Purpose Cleaner 25 Litres£25.00£30.00
Product imageLeather Cleaner5 Litres£15.00£18.00
Product imageGlass Cleaner Blue 5 Litres£6.00£7.20
Product imageGlass Cleaner Blue 25 Litres£20.00£24.00
Product imageGlass Cleaner Green 5 Litres£8.00£9.60
Product imageGlass Cleaner Green 25 Litres£25.00£30.00